10 easy and thoughtful ideas for Valentine’s Day on a budget

Demonstrating your love this Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to break the bank. If you’re on a budget, there are still loads of heartfelt things you can do or create for your partner.

Whether it’s a simple handmade card or an inside joke brought to life, Valentine’s Day gifts come in different shapes and sizes.

Here are 10 easy and thoughtful ideas for gifts and activities to guarantee a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day.

1. Create some unique artwork

If you have access to a printer, one of the easiest gifts you can make is framed artwork.

Whether you’re using a phone, laptop or tablet, there are so many apps available that can help you create something in a flash.

Are there any meaningful quotes, sayings or dates between you and your partner that would go well against an attractive background? If you’re out of ideas, head to Etsy or Pinterest for inspiration.

What if you don’t have a printer? There’s no need to panic! Why not head to your local arts and crafts store to see what sort of things they have on offer?

You can also frame postcards, posters or purchase a card with artwork on the front that you like.

When it comes to frames, charity shops are an excellent place to find gorgeous and possibly antique frames at a fraction of the cost.

2. Make a photo album

These days, we capture special moments on our phones and leave them on our phones or on social media to be forgotten about until they pop up in our memories a year later.

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So, why not print out these special moments and put them in a photo album to help those memories last forever?

Ways to print your photos:

  • your home desktop printer
  • an online or local print store
  • a polaroid personal photo printer.

Alternatively, if you’ve got time to plan for Valentine’s Day, you could purchase a cheap disposable film camera to capture a couple of special moments each month and get them developed just before the big day.

You don’t have to go the traditional route of buying a photo album – create a book with craft supplies or peg the photos to a string of fairy lights for interior decor.

3. Customise a deck of cards

It might seem like a strange idea but think about it: there are 52 opportunities to express your love in each deck of playing cards.

Or, if you don’t have enough ideas to fill a full deck, you could use just the hearts suit to make it a little easier.

You can personalise each card using paint, stamps, coloured pens, photos or any other materials. Some ideas include:

  • 52 reasons why I love you
  • Memories and photos
  • Quotes and sayings
  • Names of songs, poems or books.