10 Sunday night dinner ideas on a budget

Sundays are days for rest, TV and good food.

While the easiest thing you can do is order some takeout, it’s definitely not the cheapest way to eat (or the healthiest).

If you want to be smarter with your budget and reduce unnecessary food spending, here are some cheap, easy and healthy recipes you’ll be able to rely on every Sunday evening.

1. Chicken wings

It’s one of the most beloved pieces of meat yet also one of the cheapest — the magnificent spicy chicken wings!

When you’re feeling lazy on a Sunday evening, just take your wings, smother them in flavorful and aromatic marinade and pop them into the oven for 30 minutes.

When they are nice, golden and ready, serve them with a dipping sauce and enjoy.

2. Chicken and mushroom risotto

If you want to enjoy a warming and hearty meal without a pile of dishes left behind, then a chicken and mushroom risotto is the recipe for you. It’s all prepared in one pot with simple ingredients that can shine when combined together.

If you have mushrooms, chicken and rice at home, you can have a wonderful risotto in 45 minutes.

3. Jacket potato with feta

If there ever was a budget meal, then jacket potatoes take the crown. However, you can easily elevate your baked potato with some feta cheese sprinkled with sumac for a unique and interesting taste.

This is not the fastest dinner in the world, however, prep time only takes you about 10 minutes and the rest of the time is spent baking (about an hour or so).

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So, while the potatoes are in the oven, you can play board games with your family or catch up on your TV show and make it an enjoyable Sunday night.