5 great alternatives to generic corporate gifts

Your employees have been working diligently for you throughout the year and you want nothing more than to reward them for that effort.

Christmas time, with all its warmth and gift-giving excitement, provides the perfect opportunity for you to show your appreciation for a job well done.

However, let’s face it – corporate gifts, especially those from managers or bosses, have historically been infamous as some of the worst of the lot.

As much as you may have worked to make it happen, most employees don’t really want another company branded mug cluttering up their kitchen cabinets. And most employers actually agree with the fact that in an ideal world, all employees would receive professional hampers and gift boxes filled with high-value items, and perhaps even some sentiments that were totally personal to them.

The fact of the matter is that a strong workplace culture is quintessential to employee retention. And when employees receive a poorly considered gift, even if the feeling is mild, it does go some way in making them feel a little less valued in the workplace.

So, what steps can you take to ensure that your gifts won’t be received with a half-hearted ‘thank you’ and a swift journey into the waste bin? Continue reading to find out.

1. Make a donation in their name

A great way to show your employees that you’re attentive of them and their values is a donation in their name to a reputable Australian charity, particularly to one that resonates with that employee, if possible.

A donation is a great gift option for those who are otherwise difficult to buy for, while also going the extra mile of displaying that you’ve paid attention to them and to what they hold dear.

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Present a card to the recipient, noting the name of the charity and the amount given if you’d like – you can even elevate the presentation just a little bit by affixing a small ornament, such as a dog-shaped Christmas bauble if the donation was to a dog shelter, for example.