5 mindset hacks to reinvigorate how you feel

Have you noticed that some people seem so much more carefree than others?

Their eyes have a glint in them, their walk has a spring in it, they are loving life and still have a sense of joy and fun.

Not everyone feels that way all the time though, especially during the winter months. But in good news, there are simple ways you can take back control of your mind and emotions.

Let’s take a look at five key mindset hacks to change the way you feel:

1. Happiness

Understanding happiness is one of the most significant measures for longevity and it is very empowering to know that you can work on your own happiness.

It has now become a scientific field of research, with evidence indicating that happy people are healthier, have a better immune function, and have less heart disease.

Furthermore, happier people have great mental health and can live up to 10 years longer.

You have a certain baseline of happiness and you can raise this with long term strategies rather than the instant gratifications you may usually look for.

Learning these tools is highly important when slowing the ageing process. These include not comparing yourself to others, being happy in the present, letting go of resentment, practising kindness, being grateful and avoiding perfectionism.

2. Purpose

While a happy life is one filled with stability, pleasure and positive emotions, another component to living a fully rounded life is to live with meaning and service. Without this, you may want to give up and feel there is no point.

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Purpose, like happiness, is a mindset. It is a choice to live a life that matters.

One of the main reasons purpose is so important is because it has a huge impact on how you view yourself.

Your self-belief and your self-talk are highly influenced by what you bring to the world.

3. Adventure

The next mindset component is that sense of adventure.

Adventure is defined as excitement and a willingness to do something new. It is having the courage to challenge yourself.

We all have joys, hopes, fears and longings that never go away, no matter how old we get. The key is to retain a sense of adventure to add a little spice to life.