5 signs it’s time to quit your job (and how to do it gracefully)

How to make a graceful exit

If you’ve decided it is time to go, you want to make your exit graceful and not burn bridges as you leave the workplace.

Remain professional at all times, and don’t be pessimistic about the organisation or your colleagues.

You don’t have to tell your employer where you are going. However, not telling them could harm your relationship with them.

There will be times when you won’t want to divulge this at the point of exit but consider your circumstances and relationships as you make the decision.

It will help if you give your employer as much notice as possible that you are leaving. That way, they will have time to make arrangements to fill your role or adjust workloads.

Where you can, help with the transition, ensure you finish tasks and projects, and tie up loose ends before leaving.

Lastly, appropriately celebrate your time with the colleagues and the team you worked with. It’s a relatively small working world, and your paths will likely cross again.

Focus on connecting with them positively, so their last impression of you is a positive one.

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