9 engagement rings sold in 2022 that defined the status quo

Many aspects of wedding culture have made a shift as time goes by and traditions change. One surprising area affecting jewellery is how engagement rings are designed.

This year, many soon-to-be brides opted for unorthodox rings bought by proposing grooms with a taste for custom and unique pieces. It set some of the most popular ring trends that will go on to inspire collections in future.

Here are nine engagement rings sold in 2022 that defined the status quo:

1. Sapphire spray ring

Illusory and whimsical engagement ring designs might become the new normal for the year and beyond.

Spray rings, in particular, are arranged with an uneven number of gemstones to decorate around the centre stone. This creates an eye-catching effect that plays on the sparkle, shape, and size of the ring.

The sapphire spray ring swaps out the conventional diamond for one-of-a-kind stones with colours only nature can craft.

If this ring design catches your fancy, you may want to check out engagement rings from Diamondport, featuring Australian sapphires in jewel tones ranging from teal to pink and royal blue.

2. Lacey oval ring

Oval-shaped engagement rings became a popular trend for unique rings in 2022, and the lacey oval ring stands out among the rest.

It features four small, white and round diamonds positioned around the corners of the dazzling 0.70-carat white oval diamond in the centre.

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The best thing about this vintage-inspired ring is choosing the type of metal for the band. These include 14K rose gold or yellow gold, 18K white gold, and the most durable metal, platinum, for its timeless quality.

3. East-west blue amethyst ring

The unconventional east-west ring is a fresh and modern approach to engagement rings that took off this year.

In this unique ring, the centred jewel is positioned horizontally on the band instead of the usual vertical placement.

This change in perspective gives the east-west ring a more streamlined appearance as it aligns with the band’s curved shape.

As for the blue amethyst gemstone, it shimmers from every angle and gives this ring a beautiful bold pop of colour. The surrounding white diamonds enhance its natural look.

4. Kissing Leaves ‘toi et moi’ ring

Some couples opted for wrap and coil rings as an eccentric alternative to the usual slip-on engagement ring. This includes the Kissing Leaves ring in ‘toi et moi’ form, which means ‘you and me’ in French.

The ring consists of two emeralds that curl around the finger to meet in the middle. They symbolise two joining as one in a romantic partnership and a couple’s lifelong commitment to each other.