A guide to the best hot springs, spas and bathhouses in Victoria

Aurora Spa and Bathhouse

This new European inspired bathhouse is housed within the InterContinental Hotel in Sorrento.

As soon as you walk into Aurora Spa and Bathhouse, the decor and design means you instantly feel like you’re in Europe, and you’ll be able to experience a series of hot and cold evidence based remedies.

You can go from the 36-degree magnesium rich waters of the Daydream Mineral Pool to the magnesium float room for an effortless float to release your stresses and worries. Then, sweat it out in the Nordic Sauna, believed to be one of the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Your booking gives you 90 minutes to enjoy these experiences at your own pace, or you can go on a “bathing ritual” consisting of a ten-step immersive bathing journey.

You can also experience the Glacial Mist room, which replicates alpine-like conditions, much like a post-sauna roll in the snow. The Halotherapy room, which mimics the microclimate of a salt cove, claims to be beneficial for respiratory conditions, reducing stress and anxiety and boosting immunity.

After bathing, you can top off your self-care by indulging in one of Aurora’s spa treatments including massages, wraps, and facials. There is also a one-hour private salt float session, which boasts the benefits equivalent to four hours of sleep.

The Himalayan Sound and Stone Massage is highly recommended. It is a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with long, rhythmic massage strokes timed with a carefully curated healing soundtrack and warm Himalayan pink salt stones. If you have trouble winding down, the strokes and sounds of this massage will lull you to sleep.

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Another outstanding feature of Aurora Spa and Bathhouse is its apothecary salt station. Select your own botanical and salt mixture, and other beneficial products, to continue a quality bathing ritual at home.

Aurora Spa and Bathhouse: 23 Constitution Hill Rd, Sorrento, Victoria.

Images courtesy of Aurora Spa and Bathhouse.