When looking for a new country to explore from top to bottom, you must consider Tanzania.

This beautiful African country comes with various opportunities to truly enjoy your holiday as you can do everything from relaxing on a beach and staying active to meeting the locals and encountering the wildlife.

No matter if you’re travelling solo or going with a group of friends, here are some of the best things you can do when visiting Tanzania.

See the Big Five at Serengeti National Park

For starters, let’s go through some of the best-known attractions of Tanzania, like Serengeti National Park.

This treeless plain is home to millions of species and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Serengeti is the second largest national park in the country and provides visitors an opportunity to see the Big Five – lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and African buffalos.

Moreover, there are almost 500 bird species here and more than 1.5 million animals migrate through this area in May and early June, such as gazelles and zebras.

If you want to see the wildlife, plan your trip for somewhere between June and September as you probably want to avoid the wet season (March to May). Keep in mind, however, that the coldest period is from June to October so remember to pack warm clothes if you visit at this time of year.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

If you’re looking for an adventure, is there anything better than trying to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

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This is the continent’s highest peak, standing at 5,895 meters. The iconic mountain is part of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, which is most often visited by those trying to reach the summit of this snow-capped giant.

While you can go there whenever you want, the best time is probably during the dry season, from the end of June to October.

Its slopes are home to monkeys, leopards, buffaloes, and elephants while you can also spot many different birds, including birds of prey.