Burnout: The 7 types of rest every woman needs

4. Social rest

At work, with family, or in public, you’re bound to have negative social interactions from time to time. Spending time around negative people can drain your energy and patience.

Social rest means spending time away from that negativity. Social rest could also mean getting some much-needed alone time if you’re an introvert.

Equally, social rest could mean spending time with people who give you energy and bring out the best in you.

5. Mental rest

Between work, family, self-care, and activities, there’s a lot that can fill your mind. If you find yourself overwhelmed, you likely need some mental rest – the kind of rest that gives your mind a break from thinking and focusing too hard.

Mental rest is what your mind and body get when you clear your thoughts from the things that overwhelm you.

Walking, meditating, and reading a book are all great ways to get mental rest. Whatever helps you relax can provide you with the mental rest needed to continue taking on the world.

6. Sensory rest

Your senses are always active and can overload you with sights, sounds, smells, and textures. Whether through crowds or your devices, your senses need a break from time to time.

Getting sensory rest means separating yourself from sources of external stimuli. This could mean relaxing in a quiet room, taking a walk through nature, practising meditation, or doing a digital detox.

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By separating yourself from the stimuli you encounter, you are giving your senses a well-needed rest.

7. Spiritual rest

Spiritual rest means connecting to something outside yourself. This can mean practising religion, volunteering in your local community, or engaging in mindfulness.

Getting spiritual rest renews your sense of purpose, through caring for others or connecting to a higher power. It’s about appreciating something bigger than yourself, which helps you feel gratified.

Getting enough rest

It may seem overwhelming, but fitting all seven types of rest into your schedule will benefit your health.

If you’re lacking many types of rest, consider incorporating one kind at a time until you’ve balanced them all. You will be better prepared, mentally and physically, to take on the world by getting all seven types of rest.


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