Digital nomads share tips on how to balance working remotely and travelling

Shitika: Prioritise remote work goals

After spending seven years at desk jobs, Shitika Anand decided that working in a traditional office setting no longer suited her. She left a comfortable job in media and has spent the past two years working remotely for a travel start-up.

While she is based in her hometown of New Delhi in India, Anand has spent most of the past two years living and working remotely from a range of countries including Portugal, England, Australia, Singapore and Thailand.

Before embarking on a remote working journey, Anand recommends defining what you want to achieve from the lifestyle, aside from paying your bills and getting your job done. Is it personal growth, disconnecting from work for two hours per day, or getting work done in a new setting?

“For me, it has been a mix of finding a like-minded community and getting work done. So, when it comes to the daily hustle, I know exactly how much work I need to get done before I can sit by the pool and share a beer with my hostel mates. I always write down my to-do list before going to bed the night before, so I’m mentally prepared for the level of workload the next day demands,” she said.

“I also try to schedule meetings for evenings, so I get solid time in the day to explore. I left my 9-6 job to challenge my routine and working lifestyle, so why would I want to live that same work life in my remote career?”

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