How to make nightstands with drawers more functional

Use the bottom for daily organisation

If your nightstand is more than just a spot for alarm clocks and lamps, you can use the bottom for daily organisation. This means that you can keep things like pens, notepads, or other daily objects here.

The bottom of your nightstand is a great place to keep these things because there’s plenty of space, it’s low enough that they won’t get knocked off, and you can easily see them.

The bottom of your nightstand can also be used for other types of organisation.

If you have a large mirror table or a flat shelf-style table, you can use the bottom space to store small things like notepads or pens. If you don’t have these items, you can use a tray or a basket to store items in this area.

Add a lamp

Another way to make your nightstand more functional is to add a lamp.

Using a lamp on your nightstand can do a few different things for you, depending on the type of lamp you use.

You can use a lamp as an accent, to give your bedroom some new life and appeal.

But a lamp, of course, is most ideal for dim rooms or when you need a smaller light source for reading. The right lamp can do wonders for your nightstand’s functionality, so be sure to compare different styles and designs.

Get objects you actually use

Another way to make your nightstand more functional is to get objects you actually use. This can be as easy as getting a pen system and placing pens on one of the shelves on your nightstand.

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Stick to the essentials (alarm clock, notepad, phone, lamp) and enjoy a space that’s both functional and convenient.

These are just a few ways you can make your nightstand more functional – it just takes a little creative thinking and some organisation and you’ll be able to create a small space that is practical yet stylish.