How to mix modern and vintage furniture, interiors

Pick a dominant wood tone

Sure, the rules of design are very flexible, and you can mix different woods, but if you’re new to design, it’s best to pick one wood tone and use it to connect the space.

You can look into Amish dining furniture made from rustic cherry wood and mix it with the same type of kitchen island or sideboard.

Warm tones usually have a very calming vibe that will fit in perfectly with modern items in your home.

If you love wood and wooden details, make sure to use them as a tie-in for all your modern and vintage furniture.

Fill a small space with an oversized piece

An oversized oak hutch or a massive English writing desk can do wonders to make a small space look grand.

When it comes to antiques in your home, play with proportions and your small space will look much larger.

Start with oversized pieces that are old and complement them nicely with modern accents.

Highlight the odd piece

If you have just one vintage piece that doesn’t really compliment anything else in your home, make it stand out on purpose.

For instance, if you have a large cabinet base table, turn it into a focal point of your space and let all other modern pieces bow down to it.

Focus on details

To combine vintage and modern in an easy and quick way, use details like lighting.

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Find opportunities to mix eras such as installing a salvaged lighting fixture or highlighting your classic Tiffany lamp or chandelier. These details will bring to life your contemporary space.

Another way to add instant character to your space is to grab a vintage mirror, surround it with (faux) plants and let it reflect the light all over the place.

To create a perfectly curated modern space with many vintage details while avoiding potential clashes, focus on making a balanced interior with pieces that you love.

If the pieces match your personal style and preferences, you will manage to create a stylish home that’s cohesive and attractive.