How to set healthy boundaries with people

Remove any fear or guilt

Do not allow people’s opinions or reactions to make you feel afraid, ashamed or guilty for enforcing your boundaries.

If you know setting your boundaries with a particular person may become confrontational, it is best to avoid using phrases such as ‘you did’ or ‘you do’.

This can come across as an accusation and they may feel defensive. Try using ‘I’ statements, such as, “I feel (feeling) when you do (action) to me”.

If the other person becomes confrontational when you are setting the boundary with them, avoid reacting emotionally.

Leave the conversation after making your boundary clear and give them time to process and understand the change.

Enforcing your boundaries is about protecting your own peace of mind and wellbeing. While others may think that your boundaries are impacting them, stay firm and don’t let their opinion or perspective affect you.

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