How to stay on top of your home maintenance schedule

Spring cleaning = gutter cleaning

Of course, storm season is also always accompanied by plenty of moisture and perhaps even debris from trees hitting your home’s roof like a ton of bricks.

Thankfully, testing your roof and ceiling for leaks and reapplying roof caulk, if required, in the lead up to spring can help reduce the likelihood of your roof accruing damage during severe weather like thunderstorms or vicious winds.

But even if your home’s roof is in great condition, the issue of collected debris on your roof and your gutters must still be addressed. Early spring is the perfect time for homeowners to clear out their roof gutters after the winter weather has dissipated. Performing this particular maintenance task at this point will help make sure that your roof gutters are ready for all the fresh debris that may be generated by severe springtime storms.

It’s also a good idea to clear out your gutters again at the end of storm season and in the lead up to summer. This is a particularly important maintenance item in years where we can anticipate another La Niña summer, as the excess rainfall brought by the La Niña trade winds may also cause your gutters to fill with debris over the season.

Summer landscaping essentials

Summer weather finally heralds an opportunity to remove any excess plant matter and garden waste generated throughout spring. Select a dry day when looking to clear garden waste, to make sure that you’re not expending excess energy carting around waterlogged plant matter.

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The same goes for your lawn maintenance following periods of heavy rainfall. While it may be tempting to pull the mower out as soon as the rains clear, mowing wet grass can result in a less than clean cut, which could disturb your soil and, in some cases, even open your lawn up to experiencing fungal outbreaks. Wet grass also has a tendency to clump together and get stuck in your mower, which could negatively affect its motor.

Summer is also the perfect time to give your home’s facade a little refresher by wiping down windows from the outside as well as hosing down your home’s exterior if it has received a little dust and dirt build-up from poor winter and spring weather.

Other tasks to perform periodically throughout the year

Alongside these seasonal home maintenance tasks, your household will also need to factor in annual items like:

  • Inspections and battery replacements for smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Cleaning out home ventilation systems and kitchen/laundry/bathroom fans
  • Scrub down showers and bathtubs
  • Clean out oven, microwave, fridge, and other kitchen appliances
  • Treat timber floorboards and steam cleaning carpets
  • Oiling door hinges and treating timber doors to prevent wood warping
  • Airing out rugs/carpet runners and mattresses
  • Mowing lawns and tending to garden beds.

All of the above tasks must be performed either regularly throughout the year or annually without concern for which season they are completed in. Be sure to incorporate these items into your annual and seasonal maintenance checklists as they’re required.

It’s also important to note that all of the maintenance items outlined above may not be likely to cover all the essential tasks that your house requires. Every home is different, so it’s up to you and your household to develop your own ‘abode almanac’ and ensure that your home stays in tip top shape year-round.

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