Hybrid working lets you thrive and perform better

How to make hybrid working work for you

The transition to hybrid working is no longer about scheduling the days in the office. In 2023, it will be about ‘how’ we work better together.

Squadify’s research suggests what to focus on and some ‘hybrid hacks’ that can help you at work:

1. Focus on building relationships within and outside your team

Squadify interviewed leaders across a broad range of industries and countries, but the message was truly aligned.

Hybrid working can pull us apart, so a new set of skills is required to bring people together through teams. Showing interest in others creates better mutual understanding and leads to higher levels of trust.

Hybrid hack: Ask more quality questions that help others to open up and gives insight into how best to support them. E.g. What are your strengths here? What are your concerns? Where do you need help?

2. Increase your powers of observation

In virtual settings, it’s often hard to pick up on body language. Practice becoming ‘attuned’ to the people in your team and communicate in a way that works for them. Watch out for the micro-misunderstandings that can happen in virtual communications and address them quickly.

Hybrid hack: Don’t just send communication out and hope! Check for their understanding by asking questions and dig deeper for any issues.

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3. Asynchronous technology can be your friend in hybrid working

Hybrid workers need to become masters of tech. Ensure you leverage the right platform for each kind of connection, avoid Zoom fatigue, and help each other to contribute and connect.

Hybrid hack: Use asynchronous video apps to communicate ideas to your team and whiteboards and virtual Post-it notes to give everyone a voice in discussions.

I believe strong, effective teams can exist anywhere. The key is that wherever they work they have a deliberate focus on how they collaborate to do that work.

Team leaders can use this research to improve connection and performance and make 2023 their best year yet.