I live in a bigger body — and I still love myself

Stay active

A common misconception is that because I am big means I don’t take care of myself. That is not the case at all.

Doing activities that nourish my body makes me feel good inside and outside. The Health At Every Size movement is all about prioritising your health over weight, which I think is an important concept to promote. Your health is more than the number on the scale.

The way I think about exercising has changed for the better. Before, I would work out to ‘work off’ the food I ate that was considered ‘bad’. But rather than thinking of exercise as a punishment, I started doing it from a pleasure point of view.

The key here is finding something you actually enjoy. If you try to force yourself to run five kilometres every day and hate it, find movement that is fun and something you look forward to.

I enjoy anything from weightlifting to yoga, Pilates or even a walk outdoors. If you have children, you can get involved with their play time outside on the swings or play a game together.

All movement is good movement.

Eat nourishing foods

Diet culture has become a toxic topic in today’s society. As women, we are especially prone to negative self-talk about the amount of food eaten or what we eat in a day. Although I get sucked in occasionally, bashing foods or discussing diets does nothing for me.

Simply learning the foods that make me feel good and nourish my body are the only things I focus on. I don’t categorise any foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

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Having a mix of food in my day that nourishes my body and soul is the best diet. I generally like to eat whole foods but will allow myself to eat sweet treats or takeaway when it feels right.

Use positive self-talk

I like to consider if the way I talk about myself is the way I would speak of others. Most of the time, when I think something negative about myself, it’s something I would never consider saying to another person.

I like to tell myself positive affirmations in the mirror. Talking to myself in the mirror and saying things that make me feel worthy and loved is essential to keep that positive attitude.

I also write down thoughts in a journal that aren’t serving me and throw away the page with all the negative things crossing my mind.

Through positive self-talk, I unconditionally love my body for how it is and remember all the amazing things it does for me.

Invest in yourself

Treating yourself always stays in style. I love doing things for myself that make me feel good.

Going to the nail salon or buying new clothing boosts my confidence. I’m not rich, but I always find the money to do something that invests in expanding my inner faith.

My self-love is through the roof after I do something that makes me feel beautiful.

Maintaining self-love as a bigger woman

I know it’s hard for many women to look in the mirror and love themselves unconditionally, but listening with compassion to encourage body positivity is an excellent way for all of us to love ourselves as we are.

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