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Why did SHE DEFINED introduce a contribution option?

Unlike many other media outlets, we don’t have a paywall or exclusive subscriptions because we believe in keeping our stories open to everyone, which is why we’ve chosen a model that can be funded by our readers.

This not only allows us to keep our editorial independent, but it also means we can keep bringing you all the stories and content you’ve come to know and love here at SHE DEFINED.

How will contributions be used?

We’re committed to elevating the voices of women by putting them front and centre in our stories and giving them a platform to speak up.

Every contribution you make, whether big or small, means we can keep exploring essential issues that relate to women while delivering a high standard of journalism.

Is this contribution tax-deductible?

Contributions to SHE DEFINED are not tax-deductable because this is not a charitable donation. Although there is no tax break, we’re sure you’ll find peace of mind in knowing that all funds raised will be reinvested into SHE DEFINED which will allow us to continue producing the content that you love.

So if you’re able to, shout us the equivalent of your daily coffee or go for something more generous. Either way, your support will help pave the future of this independent publication made for women.

We thank you for your continued support.

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