Meet Pamela Jabbour of Total Image Group

Building a diverse, resilient portfolio in uncertain times

Jabbour fought for an entire year before she landed her first small order of shirts for a cinema chain (that remains a loyal customer today).

From there, she harnessed the momentum, winning a major nationwide brand with more than 30,000 staff – an achievement that allowed her to continue expanding her business.

Refusing to rest on her laurels, Jabbour had the awareness and foresight to know the value of a diverse customer portfolio to keep her business resilient and flexible.

She knew that focusing her efforts solely on one industry would leave her vulnerable if anything went wrong in that sector. Even though she was making strides in the retail and hospitality sectors, she continued working hard to break into new industries.

“The COVID-19 pandemic proved me right, and we were able to maintain momentum because as retail and hospitality crashed, healthcare and construction boomed, and we were able to pivot to meet the demands of new or expanding clients,” she said.

Total Image Group has continued to expand into new sectors, building a reputation as a company that is so much more than a uniform manufacturer. Jabbour works with her clients to create uniforms that their staff love to wear that reflect the company’s values, brand identity, and mission.

“Winning and working with clients is always a highlight, especially when they’re an exciting brand that really aligns with our values,” said Jabbour.

“Being able to showcase a range that gets them excited and that their staff love to wear is amazing.”

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Total Image Group recently travelled to the Sunshine Coast to launch a uniform range for Australia’s newest airline, Bonza. The launch featured a fashion show and photoshoot in the airport hangar, complete with a Bonza plane.

Jabbour’s continued success is a tribute to her innovation and ability to create curated uniforms that capture the heart and soul of her customer’s businesses.

Jabbour has recently branched out further, creating her own fashion line, Capsule Collection Wardrobe.

“I’ve been in love with fashion and designing my own clothes for as long as I can remember, so I thought that I would take a chance and start my very own line,” she said.

Capsule Collection Wardrobe is a collection of timeless garments that Jabbour believes belong in every woman’s wardrobe. All lovingly designed by Jabbour herself, it focuses on pieces that can be worn time and time again for any occasion.

Without experiencing the setbacks, rejection, and uncertainty of the early days of Total Image Group, Capsule Collection Wardrobe may never have come to fruition.