Recipe: Matty Brown mocktail – SHE DEFINED

With the festive season here, many of us will be entertaining, attending parties, or finding creative ways to celebrate.

This time of year can get boozy, even if you’ve had every intention of pacing yourself.

So, if you’re looking for a fancy drink without the alcohol content, try this Matty Brown mocktail. With the combination of cold brew coffee, orange juice and spicy ginger beer, it’s both interesting and full of festive flavour.

Serve it to your guests if you’re hosting a Christmas party, take it along to a friend’s place for an alternative pre-dinner drink, or simply enjoy during a quiet night at home during the holidays.

Matty Brown mocktail


150ml Straight Up Roasters Smooth Criminal cold brew coffee (or any cold brew coffee)

150ml spicy ginger beer

2 x pre-frozen orange juice ice cubes

1 x orange swirl (to garnish)


In advance, juice the oranges and mix with equal parts water and pour into an ice tray and freeze.

Use an old fashion glass, add orange cubes followed by the cold brew coffee. Then add the spicy ginger beer.

Give all ingredients a stir and top with an orange swirl to garnish.

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