Sabrina Houssami on changing recruitment

Being introduced to quality talent is essential to maintaining a successful business.

When you hire and hold onto good people, essential knowledge is retained and built upon, and teams aren’t put under pressure to get the job done without enough staff.

Many recruitment agencies across Australia tend to add to the problem when they use traditional ‘spray and pray’ methods of filling roles via quantity rather than quality, leaving organisations with a revolving door of employees, struggling to operate optimally.

Sabrina Houssami, CEO and founder of Avanti Search, has created a recruitment agency to combat this, bringing a reliable recruitment service to organisations of all sizes that value high compatibility matches for their candidates and clients based on skill sets, needs and values.

“I used to handle recruitment internally for multiple organisations, and my own trouble finding quality recruitment solutions is what informed and guided the process of building Avanti Search,” she said.

The two-woman team at Avanti Search use their size to their advantage, working closely alongside their clients to build the company’s brand in the marketplace, and taking the time to understand the organisation and its values – all while sourcing the best qualified candidates for the company’s teams.

“I personally spend over an hour with each hiring manager to understand their business, the vacancy, the team, their USP, and then I interview candidates at length before presenting my top picks,” said Houssami.

“We do things differently. We want to avoid being transactional. We work with you to understand your pain points and solve your recruitment bugbears, instead of just filling roles.”

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Houssami had a decade-long career leading talent acquisition functions for corporations across a wide range of industries and locations in APAC before she launched Avanti Search. She also lends her expertise as a consultant within the diversity and inclusion space, and has chaired the City of Sydney’s Disability Inclusion Advisory Panel.

“I want to see companies succeed, and I want to see people in jobs they love. That’s why our motto is ‘Good people, found’, because we’re connecting the dots between amazing talent and fantastic organisations,” she said.

Avanti Search is currently recruiting candidates across Australia for roles in a wide variety of industries including sales, C-suite, marketing, IT, finance, fealthcare, HR, operations, office management and more.

 You can connect with Sabrina Houssami and the Avanti Search team through their website and their LinkedIn page.