It isn’t Christmas without chocolate, so add a block to a bigger gift or create a chocolate gift pack.

New Zealand brand Whittaker’s is an excellent choice for a high-quality chocolate, with a range of flavours to choose from.

Go for classic options like Creamy Milk and Dark Ghana (72 per cent cocoa), or branch out and try something different like their caramelised white chocolate known as Blondie.

Most notably, Whittaker’s has introduced a plant-based chocolate to its range which is perfect for friends and family who follow a dairy-free or vegan diet. The Oat Milk chocolate is creamy and contains 42 per cent cocoa.

As with all Whittaker’s products, their Ghanaian cocoa beans are 100 per cent Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and palm oil free, making this chocolate an ethical and sustainable choice for a gift this festive season.

As you can see, there are a range of great edible gifts to give to loved ones this Christmas – and any of these are sure to be received well and enjoyed right up until their very last bite. Happy holidays!

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