The best workouts to build strength, burn calories, manage sore joints

Besides the physical benefits of exercise such as jump-starting your metabolism, it also helps to clear your mind.

It is just a great way to have a moment to yourself, whether it is a run or yoga.

Research, published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, found that “on exercise days, people’s mood significantly improved after exercising. Mood stayed about the same on days they didn’t, with the exception of people’s sense of calm, which deteriorated”.

But which workouts are the best depending if one day you really want to relieve stress but maybe one day you want to focus more on building strength?

Here, we look at some of the new most popular workouts and tried them out so you didn’t have to.

1. The best workout if you have sore joints

At-home workouts were all the rage during the pandemic, as we know.

One of the most popular ones involved a small trampoline. That’s right – your favourite childhood activity is actually a great workout.

The ness is a beat-based, low-impact, high-intensity trampoline workout with a digital platform and counts Kelly Ripa, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Eva Longoria as fans.

Founded by Aly Giampolo and Colette Dong, this workout is great at whatever age you are as it provides a low impact sweat with a myriad of health benefits including but not limited to lymphatic drainage, pelvic floor strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

Giampolo, founder and method director, shared advice for those intimidated by starting a new workout:

“When you begin any fitness routine, you should expect to feel challenged as you learn to shift and move your body in new ways.

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“Our best advice on how to stay motivated? Take the time to find a workout that you actually enjoy. In any aspect of life, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to do something multiple times a week that you’re not excited about; fitness is no different.

“The more you love your workout, it suddenly becomes something you want to do rather than have to do.”