The Good Edit podcast challenges limiting narratives of Jewish women

Connection and community an antidote to isolation

When listening to episodes of The Good Edit, the joy of connecting to other Jewish women is immediately evident.

Davis engages her guests and audiences in conversations that share common stories of feeling like “the Other with a capital O”, bonding over a shared love of food and tradition, and fearlessly staying true to themselves in a world that wants to contain them within narrow ideals of what they “should” be.

Despite the long-standing presence and contributions made to the diverse Australian culture, as a nation we have a long way to go in addressing bias and discrimination towards those from the Jewish community.

Attitudes too often range from benign disinterest or unawareness, at best, to outward antisemitism and abuse at worst. Antisemitism continues to be a serious threat to the safety and freedom of Jewish people in Australia, echoing centuries-old sentiments of Jewish erasure and discrimination.

Through the vulnerable, joyous and often brutally honest conversations Davis hosts on her podcast, she is doing her part to weave back together the rich, beautiful tapestry that is the Jewish culture, after so many have tried their hardest to splinter it or misrepresent it.

At the end of these conversations, Davis finishes by asking her guest to respond to the following prompt:

“The Good Edit is rooted in the idea that the most authentic version of ourselves is found when we strip back the expectations of ‘should’ to create a life unbounded and uniquely ours. At your most gritty and grounded, what is your Good Edit?”

This question, and the podcast more broadly, empowers Jewish women to state for themselves who they are and reach their greatest potential, uncaged by expectations from the non-Jewish community to ‘fit in’ or by the Jewish community to uphold often rigid ideals of how to display their faith and culture.

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Davis has already seen a shift occurring as a result of the platform she has created, witnessing the great power of sharing stories and breaking down barriers.

“These inspiring conversations are bold yet vulnerable. They are Jewish women, claiming their space – and inviting others in too.”

The Good Edit is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favourite podcast platform.