These are the best places to travel to in 2020

For those craving rejuvenation: Morocco

It may not be your typical country to consider when you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, but Morocco can actually be the perfect destination for this and has a booming wellness retreat scene. It is also home to ancient traditions like hammams, or better known as ‘public baths’, a traditional and spiritual practice to purify the body and devote time to quiet reflection.

The North African country has long been known for its diverse beaches, deserts and mountains, intriguing medinas and fragrant cuisine, but right now Morocco is certainly having its moment. Despite its dizzying diversity, the country’s many beautiful beaches and epic mountain ranges provide the perfect opportunity to relax in serenity, soothing the mind, body and spirit.

While you can take relaxation into your own hands enjoying the beauty of this country at your own pace, if you’re after something a little more structured, there are a multitude of coastal wellness retreats on offer in Morocco, most of which serve up seasonal organic produce, and blend activities like yoga, meditation and surfing. Picture yourself on the quiet rooftop of a boutique hotel in the ancient town of Marrakech, practising yoga with an extremely knowledgeable master; it certainly provides a nice combination for rejuvenation as opposed to rushing to the local yoga studio after a long day at work.

Some serene and luxurious wellness retreats include In:spa Retreats located on the outskirts of bustling Marrakech and at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains with a peaceful spa, yoga sessions, and healthy, nutritious meals prepared fresh by an in-house chef each day. There’s also Om Yoga Retreat situated on the Casablanca coast, offering multiple different styles of yoga in modern studios, as well as pilates, meditation and detox sessions, all ultimately promoting healing, growth and health.

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Morocco is certainly an up and coming destination, and if you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating travel experience then the country’s year-round sunshine, as well as a culture built around soothing the mind, body and soul (traditionally done in a hammam or Turkish bath), makes Morocco an ideal destination for a holiday dictated by wellness.


This article was written by Laine Fullerton and originally published on A Girl In Progress.