Things to consider when asking for a pay rise amid soaring inflation

Your mindset

Do not be too swayed by all you hear, read, and see. It may influence your mindset to a place of entitlement and justification, causing your discussion to become defensive.

Sometimes, in our quest to buoy ourselves in anticipation of a difficult or intimidating conversation, we appear overly confident and even arrogant. That is never a good entrée to a negotiation. Instead, hark back to the positive moments and feelings towards your job in manifesting the right mindset.

It is hard to balance the rightful and justified individual needs in asking for a pay rise versus the economic reality of what businesses are continuing to go through.

Just as you are experiencing increased costs of living, so too is your workplace. It is a conundrum. For some employers, it may not be a matter of not wanting to provide a pay rise but rather not being able to.

Eventually, these increased costs, whether it’s salaries or all the other input costs, will see a levelling out.

Of course, financial rewards are important and a necessary function of why we work. However, timing is often the number one precursor in life’s successes.

Pick when, how and what else is vital for your wellbeing, happiness and security. Negotiate on all factors not just for the now but for your future self as well.

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