What is it really like to run an Airbnb? Four women share their experiences

Angie: the fly-in, fly-out worker

After a positive personal experience in the Philippines and encouragement from a friend, Angie was sold on becoming an Airbnb host.

She started hosting in January 2018 in Perth.

“I work fly-in, fly-out which means I fly away to work for one week then I’m at home for one week. My best friend had been pestering me for a long time to do it (Airbnb) as I had this huge house and no one occupying it,” Angie said.

Apart from a few small complaints and bothersome customers, Angie has mostly had wonderful, respectful people come through her home.

“You meet people from all walks of life – from international travellers to homegrown Aussies to university students who, might I add, left my home better than some of my more mature families,” she said.

Angie said the layout of her home works well as an Airbnb rental, as she has two big bedrooms and a sunroom which can be converted into a third room.

This means she’s free to lock up her master bedroom, along with any valuables, and offer the rest of the space as an entire home to guests when she’s away.

While Angie enjoys the experience of being an Airbnb host, she has some sage advice for potential hosts.

“You never know what to expect but just remember, don’t take things too personally. If you come back and something is broken just brush it off, otherwise you’ll stress yourself out for nothing. If you are cool, calm and collected as a host I believe it’s reciprocated through your guests,” she said.

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