What is meal prep and how does it make mealtimes easier?

Choose the right containers before you begin

When you’re working on freezer-friendly recipes or meal prepping recipes, you’ll need to store your meals appropriately. Here are some suggestions:

Airtight containers: Store the ingredients for your ready-to-cook meals in airtight containers to keep them fresher for longer.

BPA-free microwavable containers: When you’re cooking microwavable meals you’ve planned ahead, always choose glass or plastic material that is safe and listed as BPA-free.

Freezer-safe containers: You definitely don’t want your delicious meals to get freezer burn, so make sure you store them in freezer-safe containers that will keep them from getting nasty frostbite.

Leak-proof, compartmentalised containers: When you’re taking your prepped meals on the go, look for leak-proof options that feature separate compartments. This will keep the different food items separated so that you don’t end up with a muddled mess at lunch time.

5 steps for meal prep success

Follow these five steps to ensure that your meal prepping goes as planned:

Step 1: Decide which meal prep method will work best for you. Whether it’s batch cooking, making items you can pop in the oven, or putting together all of your ready-to-cook ingredients, the meal prep method will determine how you plan the rest of your week and how your food is stored.

Step 2: Stick to a schedule when meal prepping so that it becomes a weekly habit. For example, you can dedicate your Sundays to prepping, cooking, and storing all of your meals for the rest of the week, and then you’re done!

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Step 3: Another key to success is sitting down and making your weekly meal plan in advance. Write down the meals you plan to make for every day of the week ahead of time, so you know what you need to do. Consider using a diet app for calorie tracking, recipes ideas, and weight loss progress. 

Step 4: When meal prepping, you’ll need to write down a comprehensive shopping list before you head to the grocery store. Once you have all the ingredients you need, it’s much easier to get those meals prepped and ready for your busy week ahead.

Step 5: With your meal plan, ingredients, and containers ready to go, it’s time to start prepping! Make sure you have everything ready to go, then spend some time making your meals or preparing the ingredients for the remainder of the week. Depending on how many meals you plan to make or the complexity of the recipes, it shouldn’t take too long once you get a system in place.