Why it’s time for women to reclaim their confidence

In the workplace, confidence is a critical launch pad for new skills, new opportunities and new jobs.

Confidence for women is a conundrum, however. Women are told to be more confident, yet when they display more confidence, they are seen as arrogant, and when they downplay their confidence, they become invisible.

Simply telling women to ‘be more confident’, it seems, misses the point.

As a result of being conditioned to show less confidence and being penalised for being overly confident, women are more likely to wait too long before acting and putting themselves forward.

Women hold back while men push forward – and so men are rewarded with jobs they have no experience in, assignments that will stretch them, and opportunities they might not be ready for.

What are the unwritten rules women are supposed to follow at work? And what is the resulting backlash when these rules aren’t followed?

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